{March 30, 2011}   PUSHKAR


     It is on Pushkar bye pass(7Km.from Pushkar). It is known as Budda pushkar(Old Pushkar). Why it is called old Pushkar, the following story tells-
     Aurangjeb was an orthodox emporer. He did not recognise any other religion except his own i.e. Islam. He started a campaign of destroying the temples of the gods and goddesses of the Hindus. Once he came to Ajmer and offered ziarat to khwaja Sahib at the Dargah. He then decided to go to Pushkar to destroy the temples there.Having this bad intention in his mind he, with his army proceeded towards Pushkar. He reached junior Pushkar and began to wash his face. After washing he looked at his Face and saw that his hair had turned grey and he began to look like an old man. Then he understood the celestial power of Pushkar and gave up the idea of destroying the temples there.Junior Pushkar is junior but since the occuring of this event it is called Budha Pushkar(old Pushkar).


     Pushkar is about 13kms from Ajmer. There many temples here that’s way the town of Pushkar is called the town of temples. Hindus came over here to have holy dip everyday and specially in the month of Kartika.The lake here is known as the most sacred lake. Not only Hindus but also the Mohammedans, and jains come here and do Puja. The place has attracted the tourists from several countries also. The foreigners can be seen here enjoying the beauty of the place. The sancity of Senior Pushkar is exceptionally great.


     All the important and sacred places have been named after some important persons are events. Pushkar was also named like that. Once Brahma was worried over the matter of having a place in his name on the earth as the other gods have so he also had a desire to have a place in his name in the mortal world (earth). He threw a lotus flower upon the earth. The flower fell at three places and the holy water sprang out from all these three places. Then Brahma said that these three places would be known as Pushkar. The place where the flower first fell is called Jestha Pushkar(Senior Pushkar), the second place is called Madhya Pushkar(Middle Pushkar) and the third place is called Kanistha Pushkar (junior Pushkar). And further he added that these three Kunds(Lakes)would be famous for removing the sins of the sinners.As Brahmaji threw the Pushpa (flower) with his Kar(Hand) so he gave the name of Pushkar to this place.


     It is semicircular lake around which there are 52 “Ghats”. The max depth of the lake is 10 metre. The lake is a holy place and is known as the king of the “Trithas”. There are four holy places of the Hindus in India(i.e. Badri Narayan, jagnnathpuri, Rameshwaram and Dwarikapuri) but the bath at Pushkar is thought to be more important than at any other place. The holy dip in this lake on kartika Purnima is thought to be salvation giving.


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